Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Puss in the Boots

Assassin's Creed || Just don't mind the bottle that I'm holding! ahahaha LOL!
Don't you know that I'm anime fanatic? Yes! It's true! There are times that I don't want to go the school just to watch anime series and movies. Well, that was before! Was that a fanatic or addicted? ahahaha

So what's the connection of sharing this to you? Come and look my pictures once more? Do you recognize something similar? Exactly! THE BOOTS! Since I've been addicted with some anime hunters and killers, I got inspired to buy some boots for me! Don't you know why? I'm planning to join anime cosplay...BEFORE! Unfortunately, I can't join any of those competition because of my hectic schedules in college.

So, all of my booties are stocked! I couldn't just use them in my daily errands. I'll post some of my booties collections here soon! If they are still present in my "baol".

Until next time,