Sunday, March 03, 2013

Weekly Haul

‘Twas Saturday night. After my work and receive my pay slip, I decided to go home early – not in my parent’s house. I’m currently living in my friend’s boarding house (trying to live independent). Though I have co-room boarders here, it seems that we’re not really “that” close. We talked but very often. It’s just a simple “hi” and “hello” or greetings. Sometimes, I lacked myself inside my room, sleep all day or watch cp-tv. How bored my life is, isn’t it? (lol) After I took a bath, I lied on my bed and played temple run on my phone. After an hour, I realized that I couldn’t sleep. To cut the story short, I decided to go out for awhile. I ended up strolling at downtown.

The night was so young. There was a band singing at Rizal Park. Along the streets were food vendors and thrift sellers. A date with myself alone! 
Tops: Loose shirt with giraffe designs, mint green, 3/4 semi satin with laced raffled designs|| Shorts
Accessories from Butingtings
For clothes, I bought a loose shirt (Left side: forgot the brand). It has two toned color-grayish in the inner with designs of caramel-brown. I also bought a 3/4 semi-satin mint-green with laced-raffled top. Introducing my fave pick - that shorts (bottom-right)! Who would thought that I got that at very cheapest price - 45php! It has he same texture with my bangkok clothes. Wasn't that cute? (*_*)
Nude plastic-inspired booties
I know summer is approaching but can't help myself buying booties. But don't you know, our weather is changing lately. Even though the climate is really hot and sunny, supposed to be "really hot" since it is already March, suddenly it'll rain. Weather is really unpredictable just like my twisted thoughts! 
Brown-military shoes inspired
For me, it doesn't matter if I wore branded clothes or not. What's the most important I am comfortable enough on wearing my outfits. The secret ingredient? - Confidence and Attitude (on how are you going to wear them). Practically speaking, you can also save 50% to 90% if you'll go to thrift shops. 

Tips on selecting thrift clothes:
1.) Check the hemlines for any alterations, and discolorations especially in the armpit areas and neckline. Don't choose if there are yellowish or grayish in the hemlines. 
2.) Check the quality of the clothes linen (tela). - There are three types of thrift items (based on my experience). First,  selected items that were never used. Usually these items have price tags, and cellophane with them. Some boutiques were buying selected items and sell them via online. Second, the semi-used or slightly used items. And lastly, clothes that can be used inside the house only. Of course, select items that are in good condition. For  me, I usually choose satin, and silk. 
3.) Check the completeness of designs - Buttons must be complete. Zippers are intact. 

For Foot-wears:
You must know what kind of footwear you want to wear or buy. Sometimes, we can find interesting and unique styles in shoe thrift shops. 
1.) For pumps, and heels - check the sole, heels and heel top (top lift). You will know how long they've been used based on the soles and heels' marks. Check also the inner part. Brand names usually can be found inside. Carefully examined the vamp (shoe opening) and the decorations if they are still intact. Try them on your feet and walk. You must be comfortable while walking and have a confidence on wearing them.
2.) For booties - Check the soles, heel caps, and lags. The pull straps or zippers  must be intact. 

So what are you waiting for? Ukay ukay na! :) 

Happy Thrift Shopping,