Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coffee Break

*Lex Cafe
  I HATE COFFEES! Guess why? It causes me insomnia (difficulty of sleeping at night). As a result, I got dreadful head ache the next day. So I decided not to sip any coffees anymore since then.

                Last month, I was at El Bajada Hotel waiting for my interview. Sir Aries was next to me (who was a completely stranger to me). He approached me and talked a little bit about networking business. Then, suddenly, he brought two Lex café sachet and offered me some. I told him that I’m not drinking coffees anymore. He asked me why, and so I told him about my story about it. But due of respect, I accepted his offer. Nakakahiya naman kasi eh, right?

                Come to think of it? It’s been half a month since I’m drinking Lex Café. Honestly, I really love its taste. And this coffee is extremely healthy made out from richest herbs all over the world. What are the contents? Trans-Resveratrol, Goto-Kola Herbs, Guarana Extract, Coral Calcium, and L-Citrulline. It makes you younger and healthy every time you drink it everyday!

                Why I kept savoring its taste? Simple! I got a better sleep at night. No headaches for the following day. Try it! It's very healthy and good for our health!


Cece said...

Cool, I'm not a coffee person either yet I'm having trouble sleeping. Like I'd go to bed at 8 pm and fall asleep at about 12 or 1 am. That sucks, but thanks for the comment and for following! I followed back. :))

Be sure to drop by. :*

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi cece! I recommend you to take Lex Cafe. :) It's very healthy and it's sooo yummy too..

Thanks for following me..


Kate said...

I don't like coffee either, I'm much, much more of a tea drinker!

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi kate!

Specifically, what kind of tea?
I use to drink teas before. (forgot the name, it's from Japan)
Herbal tea to exact..
But I stopped since I transfer here in Davao.

How was it?? :))