Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hungry yet bloated

Fettucine Ala King

Today is what I called a very special day! Want know why? Eheeeem! I’ll share it maybe later. *Big smile*
I ate oats early this morning, but I suffered from gastric upset too much. It was nearly a day. That’s why, I felt too much weak. I want to pica yet my tummy gets irritated. So what I’ve done? Water therapy.
After the consultation, the boss and I went to pizza hut for lunch. I want to eat pizza, for real. But I ended up eating Fettucine Ala King. I ate a little bit but my stomach starts to twinge again. Oh crap! It causes me a lot of trouble. Damn! I felt so weak. I’m hungry yet bloated. I really want to eat!

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