Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm so Blessed!

"I would always remember this night!"
I told myself.

9:00 am
I woke up late in the morning.
So I decided not to come to our school for this day.
What I did, I prepare all my stuff for the ramp later.

Three ramps,
Three different clothes,
three different heels/shoe,
twenty contenders,
but eight of us will be chosen. 

But actually, I have a strong feeling that I'll be not one of them.
It's not that I'm losing hope but it's actually my intuition.
However, since I decided to join, I must not quit until the end.
It's always my motto.
"Never quit until the end."

1:00 pm
I asked Tating (common name used to her/him) 
to fix my hair and for the make up.
while waiting for the others, Titz and I had a small conversation.

3:00 pm
Snacks time!
I would always tend to stop my work for 
Don't tell me you're not going to eat 
when there's so much food serve to you?

4:00 pm
Final touches for the make-up and my hair style.

4:30 pm
Travelling towards the school.
Thanks to kuya Jason for the ride.
Soo lucky. 

5:00 - 6:00 pm
waiting at the dressing room.
I got so nervous.
But thanks to my classmates, and friends 
who came there for the support.

7:00 pm

I never thought that some of my classmates made a banner for me.
I never saw this during the ramp.
I was so surprised when I saw this photo at Alma's photo album.

Lovely banner made by my classmates and friends
Thank you so much, guys!

For the first ramp, it's FASHIONISTAS!
Actually, I really don't know what to wear.
I need to wear something ORANGE.
I opened my closet and so what I found
was this orange skirt.
I just paired it up with printed top.
I know, sometimes, I'm not a good in terms of fashion,
but it's the only thing that I have. 
Vintage style
top: Krizia (printed) / below: old orange skirt
My make up was too heavy!

For the second ramp,
So I made a gown with use of  rice sack 
and smoke cellophane
with colors of blue and white.

Photographed by Ickie Lagera

My creative wear made up of smoke cellophane.
Thanks to my dear Karl and Val for helping me 
making this gown. 

And for the last but not the least,

white and silver long gown/ orange satin cloth/ black top
I know I am not a good stylist. 
but did I make them blend?

Passed ten, perhaps, the declaration of top 8.
Everyone was cheering for their bets!
I have my own bets too.

As I expected, I am not one of them.
But I'm so happy to be part of the ROCK'S FACES year 2.

It would always be a good experience for me.
To ramp in front my schoolmates, classmates, and friends 
is not that easy for me.
Because I'm shy and I felt uneasy.
Because I maybe fail their expectations to me.
But still, I'm proud that I overcome this kind of feeling.

"I would always remember this night!
I may be not one of the top 8 finalists of Faces year 2,
I'm so proud that my father is one of my audience."
I told myself.

This is the first event that my dear father watched me.
I was surprised when my sister, Valerie, told me that his there near the
aisle watching. I felt so blessed! I felt so happy but then again, I wanna cry.
I really love my father.

I would like to thank my dear sponsors:
Karen Sy,
Karl Jason Alve,
Dennis Sarmiento and family,
Kuya Jason for the transportation,
ate Tating (hair and make-up)
and of coarse, to my dearest sister,
Valerie Mati-ong.

I would like to thank my classmates, and friends for supporting me during the show,
for the words of encouragement, and for always there when I need help.
Thank you soo much, guys!

This night will be a special night for me!

d'laconic stylistah

PS: Photo credits to Ashley Alvarez and Alma Kris Gaylon.


Eunica said...

wow! you go girl! rock on ;)

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi, Eunica.
Thanks for the lovely comment. ^_^