Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ellesse: Perfect Giveaways

Model: Eric Arozado || Ellese Polo 
Sir Eric's top was cool. Was it? 
Model: Franklin Cañiones || Ellese Checkered Polo
I really love Sir Franklin's polo shirt. Maybe I find it so cool and nice. How I wish I could avail one for my father's! Unfortunately, when we arrived at Abreeza, it's almost 8:30pm. Ubusan talaga ng stocks. :( Few  more stuff displayed there and less sizes to be chosen. 
Model: Armando Mortejo || Ellese shirt
This one is simple and clean! I find it eyes' friendly. And looks so good on Sir Armando's body.
What I bought that night.
 Last Friday night, I got a memo from Sir Ritchell that the Ellesse (Italia) will be having sale at Abreeza Mall, Davao City. I don't know why, but I became interested with this brand. LOL! So, I ended up inviting my big boss to come with me and shop! 

So what is Ellese all about? Ellesse is an Italian brand founded by Leonardo Servadio in the year 1959. "L.S" was the initials use in their first logo. It was inspired from the glass and steel company office complex built in Ellera in the 1980's . It became popular sportswear in the mid's of 1980's and gained reputation for combining sportswear with high-level fashion style. Later on, the logo was change and enhance. It symbolizes the pairs of ski with a cross section of a tennis ball to remind us the brand's heritage in these sports. Ellese Italia clothes spread worldwide until nowadays.

Who wears Ellese? Celebrities such as Chris Evert,  Guillermo Vilas, Muhammad Ali, and Alain Prost. I will be blogging some of clothes I brought @Ellesse. :) 

PS: Special Thanks to my 1GOAL family, Eric Arozado, Franklin Cañiones and Armando Mortejo for being my models. 

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