Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bright Colours

Top: Victoria Plaza || Leggings F21 || Belt: Thrifted
After my short vacation, back to the reality - work! Such gloomy face of mine masked with bright colors of my top. You know, if you're engaging into business, you should be positive to attracts positive aura. 
Strange but I fell in love with monotone
 Someone told me, "never dwell with negative people, they will pull you down". Well, I tried. There's nothing wrong of trying, isn't it? However, I realized that something is missing. Something is lacking - that is a strong and healthy relationship among your customers and consumers. 

I asked myself: "Why should I avoid them? Why not lift them up and motivate, instead? If these people were so negative then let you're positive aura influence them, right?"

That's why, I decided to wear bright colors. Wearing bright colors give you a positive  mood based on psychology. For the top, decided to wear blue and yellow in hue. Blue signifies trust, confidence, coolness and calm. Yellow, based on psychology, is the strongest colour which lifting our spirits positively and boost our self esteem. Then paired it with black leggings from forever21. "Black combined with other colors can have a very strong statement.  Black is a color that can fit into almost every design to add contrast, type, and make the other colors stand out more."  from

So if you think that your in not in good mood, try wearing bright colors like blue, yellow, red, violet, orange and green.

Remember, in your gloomy days, wear bright colours! :)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Realization: Thought for the day

Top: Gap || Shorts: Thrifted || bag and booties: Random Boutique
Our lives is like a puzzle. We need clues and hints that could guide us while we're walking ahead. But have you ever ask yourself what kind of map will you choose? Life give us 10% and the rest, its up to us. Every map has directions.Arrows that pointing to left, right or straight. Same to our lives, our choices are our "directions". It's simple Yes or No. Right or Left. Stop or Go. Actually there is no such things as right or wrong in decision makings. Sometimes, social criticism affects our actions. Well, they said every decisions have consequences.

I'm still bombarded with so many errands. Things that undone. And haven't decide what should I do. 
May my little vacation helps me decide. 


Monday, February 25, 2013


Welcome me back to the city! (hoooray! Clap! cLap! Clap!)  Yes, indeed! I spent my weekends in my so-called-province. Told myself that I need a break from city and have a "little" vacation. Makapag-destressing nga. :) 

 So this is what I wore last Sunday morning. Pardon me for my haggard face. (lol!) 
I slept very late because of my insomnia.(defensive?)

Actually I like wearing pants, but that time, 
I told myself to wear something new. Boyish yet feminine. :) 

Inner : Gap Jeans || Jacket from boy friend || Heart necklace from Hongkong 
One of the Girls' assets are their legs! So I'm telling you, dollies, take good care of your legs. 
Class A chuckie shoes
Ready to go! :)
This "province" that I'm telling you, is still part of Davao City but the place is really look like a province. More trees, less pollution! More animal noise, less Jeep beeps! Hassle-free, Less Stress! Life, in there, is really reversible. I haven't use my cellphones for almost two days since got difficulty to catch a signal. No high tech gadgets. Just you and your buddy (body). However, my experiences were irreplaceable! 

How's your weekends?
I enjoyed mine. How about yours?


Friday, February 22, 2013

I love Vintage

While having my siesta break, got myself busy online shopping. Well, for an office girl like me, don't have time to walk around at mall and shop. (yay! defensive) But I'm so lucky that I got 24/7 internet connection at the office! Great help because online stores are available making our lives so much easier! 

Well, while doing my random reading, I found a new (for me) online store! It's Mina! Got so much in love with their designs and styles! So feminine and vintagy-look with contemporary touch! This is really perfect for casual wear and occasion wear! 

My personal fave:

Apple Turnover Shirt

Cool cut away collard tunic with front button up fascinating and long sheer sleeves with buttoned cuffs. A stylish shirt dress with all over sliced apple print.

Image 1

Ivan Jacket

Vintage Inspired Jacket with belt incorporate and front buttons
Image 1

Ambre Dress in Navy

Sports panel tunic with drawstring waist tie. Unique origami folder collar. Bird Motif print.

Image 1

Daddy's Girl Dress in Cream

Elegant summer jacket in soft chiffon. Sheer 3/4 sleeves. Caped lapel. Sporty pleated skirt. Waist tie. 
Image 1
Tulip Dress
Swinging 60's color block sleeveless shift dress. Elegant shape and vintage style is perfect any occasion. Team with Jeans for a casual weekend look. 
Image 1

Oops a daisy Dress

Summer sleeveless floral skater style dress in light cotton feel. Sheer criss-cross open back and matching sheer panel close to hem. Elasticated waist band.
For accessories:
Image 1

Heart & Chains Bracelet

This is so sweet. So simple.
Image 1

Leaf Necklace

Leaf necklace can be use in boho outfits, what do you think?
Image 1

Collar Snake effect Necklace

Finish your outfit with this snake effect collar necklace from
It's so classy and simple. 

Coming Soon! 
Summer is approaching. And I guess, the trend for 2013th summer is floral. 
10% off our new Spring collection this weekend! - use the code SPRINGSURPRISE10 at the checkout to apply the discount
And oh! They having 10% sale on their spring selected items!
So check their website at NOW!

Happy Shopping!
Happy weekends. 

PS: Photo credits to

Monday, February 18, 2013

Boredom Management

Sitting next to your computer is boring whole day, isn't it? So while listening musics from youtube, I diverted my attention on exploring things. I downloaded Instagram in my phone. And believe me, enjoying my instagram app lately. It's easy and very manageable. Familiar with Textgram application for android phones? I just downloaded and again, explore! Why don't you download it too and see the difference. Create your own textgram and widen your imagination and creations! 

Aside from that, I customized some of my time doing decors! Since its February is a the month of LOVE and HEARTS, we made decorations in the office that could definitely describes LOVE! Oh yeah, Valentines day is near! Its only a one-two-three steps! Simple!

How to make a paper cupid?
1. Gather all the materials needed (scissors, pencils and red Cartolina)
2. Draw a cupid on the cartolina using pencil. If you're not gifted with artistic hands, you can google the images of cupid and trace it. 
3.   Cut using scissors! And you're done!

I tried to make my own, so its your time to do it yourself (DIY).
Paper cut of hearts and cupid. :)
What else I did to relieve for boredom? Girls are girls! Do you know what's on the mind of girls aside thinking of their boyfriends, and family? Yes! Shopping! Introducing my new collection - Mary Kay! 
Meet my new lip gloss and facial cream from Mary Kay
She told me "if you feel beautiful inside then you're beautiful outside". lol. I'm not that pretty. Besides got first degree burn a week ago. :( Well, thanks to kojic soap with papaya and age-defying cream of 1GOAL. So happy that my skin became fairer. 

Aside from collecting girls stuff, got interested of reading books lately. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen R. Covey. This book taught us to become positive in life and adapt optimistic attitude towards yourself, social and life. You should understand yourself first before you can understand others. I'm still on the first chapter of the book. Well, hopefully, I could finish this before February ends.

I also recommend read the books of Chinkee Tan: The Rich Dad and Poor Dad and Till Debt do us Part. It is also helpful that could change your life. :) 

What else makes me busy right now? Oh! Just reading books about relationships which were recommended by some of my dear friends. One of the books in my shelves right now is "Why Men Love Bitches" written by Sherry Argov. Honestly, I got intrigued about this book and the title really captured my attention. So I think, I didn't waste my money for something that is worthless. Well, going back, before reading this book, I texted some friends listed in my phone book. After 15-min, I got a reply from Bang (not his real name) stated that "Well.,hija, I didn't like nor love bitches". LOL! He's funny! So defensive! After reading the introduction, I understand what she (the author) meant about "bitches". Well, I don't want to spoil you! Just read it. :) 
Taken via Instagram
              "Why Men Love Bitches" is a book of Sherry Argov which delivers a unique perspective as to why men are attracted to a strong woman who stands up for herself.  And this book tells us, more about girls/woman.  So are you a bitch? :) For sure, you'll love this! And oh! you can also download this via online through! 

I recommend also to read about this following:
1. Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them: When Loving Hurts and You Don't Know why by Susan Forward.
2. Why Men Marry Bitches: A Women's Guide to winning Her Man's Heart by Sherry Argov
3. The Relationship Cure by John Gottman
4. If this is Love, why I could feel Insecure by Carl Hindy
5. When It Comes to Love, You've became Idiot by Dr. Matt

If you're bored, then work for something that can ease your boredom. :) Reading books is also helpful. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mixed 'N Match

While everybody is busy celebrating Valentine's Day, I'm doing mixed and match with my "old" clothes. Random clothes that I didn't use yet. lol! It's not that I'm bitter but I just don't feel to celebrate it. Har2! 
Mixed 'N Match  1 || Conservative-Seductive Look
White and black with sweet sensation of Filipina attitude, conservative-inspired yet seductive. The top is a white loose with embroidery of old rose on the hemlines which some of your skin can be shown. Embroidery is a handicraft of decorating fabric using thread and needle. And it became popular especially in 5th century which commonly use by wealthy and popular people. I decided to pair it with a high-waisted skorts (skirt+shorts) so that the lower part of the loose top can be emphasize especially the designs. Accessories are simply black and white metals. 
Mixed N Match 2 || Free Nymph  Look
While reading the book of Sherry Argov, "Why Men Love Bitches?". This principle attracts me the most, "Act like a prize and you'll turn him into a believer". We all know that some of us has exemption and charismatic beauty that could threaten our ego. On that point, we felt insecure. Or worst, decrease self-esteem. If that thing will happen, don't let your ego threaten by someone's presence. You should boost your confidence. So mixed n match 2 is more on a Free Nymph Look! Wearing your sexuality on your sleeve isn't advantageous in luring a man. It covers your special parts while exposing some of your skin. Great body curves are kept secrecy and makes the man think unconsciously. 
Mixed N Match 3 || Nautical-Inspired Look 
And lastly, the nautical-inspired look! Wearing long sleeves isn't bad at all. You can feel sexiness and feminine on shorts. Your long-legged is the key! Colored accessories breaks the plainness of the outfit. 

Isn't it the theme color for valentines is red, is it? Well, for me, it doesn't mean if you're not wearing red-colored dress on February 14, you're not celebrating it. What's the most important? Both couples are enjoying their moments on this very special day. Lol. :D

So which is which do you like? Spare time on your closet and make out the difference in you.  

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Empty Stomach? Worry No More!

        Are you craving for craaaaaabs? Yes! I do! It's been a year since the last time I ate crabs! But I felt like its a decade already :( Poor me. But who would thought that my prayers were answered! A big treat for my empty stomach. Introducing the Glamour Crab Buffet located near Roxas Avenue, Davao City. If you're living near downtown area, it's like a 10-min. travel using "padyak" or jeepney. :)

This is the entrance of Crab Buffet. Looks like a traditional house, isn't it? :) 

Peking Duck
            Never judge a food without tasting it! Swear! If I didn't try to eat this duck cuisine, I will regret it myself for real! Yes! You heard me, it's a duck dish! Peking duck is one of the famous duck cuisine in Beijing and has been prepared since the imperial times.  So lucky that Glamour Crab serves a dish like this. It tastes like a chicken meat. :) 
If you'll drop by here, don't forget to eat these sweets! :) 
             Fruits are the best! After I ate my heavy meals, my tummy bloated too much! I want to eat some more but I decided to eat lots of watermelons and papaya instead. Fruits that are rich in fiber aids digestion, promotes absorption and prevents constipation. 
Crab attack! 

Sir Ahser's Dish (first batch) :D
with my 1GOAL Family: from the left: Me, Sherylyn Ejercito, Josephine Salvador (EVP), Dudz Salvador
and Jeihmi Ejercito (BM)

Introducing Glamour Crabs Buffet located near Roxas Avenue. 
            Definitely, you cannot leave DAVAO without eating at Glamour Crabs Buffet". For only 398.00per head, sulit na sulit! Surely, your empty stomach will became full! :) They also serve leche plan, fresh fruits and mini cakes for desserts , soups and dried mango for appetizer. For main course, of course, crabs, peking duck, veggie toron, shrimps, octopops, etc. So if you'll visit, Davao City, don't forget to drop  by here. Believe me, its so delicioso (Spanish term for delicious) :) 

Advance Happy Valentines.