Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bright Colours

Top: Victoria Plaza || Leggings F21 || Belt: Thrifted
After my short vacation, back to the reality - work! Such gloomy face of mine masked with bright colors of my top. You know, if you're engaging into business, you should be positive to attracts positive aura. 
Strange but I fell in love with monotone
 Someone told me, "never dwell with negative people, they will pull you down". Well, I tried. There's nothing wrong of trying, isn't it? However, I realized that something is missing. Something is lacking - that is a strong and healthy relationship among your customers and consumers. 

I asked myself: "Why should I avoid them? Why not lift them up and motivate, instead? If these people were so negative then let you're positive aura influence them, right?"

That's why, I decided to wear bright colors. Wearing bright colors give you a positive  mood based on psychology. For the top, decided to wear blue and yellow in hue. Blue signifies trust, confidence, coolness and calm. Yellow, based on psychology, is the strongest colour which lifting our spirits positively and boost our self esteem. Then paired it with black leggings from forever21. "Black combined with other colors can have a very strong statement.  Black is a color that can fit into almost every design to add contrast, type, and make the other colors stand out more."  from

So if you think that your in not in good mood, try wearing bright colors like blue, yellow, red, violet, orange and green.

Remember, in your gloomy days, wear bright colours! :)


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