Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All I want for Christmas is - You!

This blog is dedicated to someone who is very dear to me. I hope he can read this despite of his hectic schedules. Few more days, anniversary  na namin. Hope he can remember that. :-/

 Dear Love, 
          It might be this is not the right time for everything, but I'm so grateful that I have you. You're not just a special friend, but a brother who comforts me every time I face dooms and trials. You were always there, and never leave my side until I smile. Those short times I've been with you is like a forever. 
          Remember the day you asked me why do I loved you? I remained in silence and never give you an answer. For the reason, that I really don't know why I love you. All I know, that I care so much to you, hurt when you get hurt, and happy when your happy.
         It maybe took another month, another year for everything but I'll be always right here, loving and supporting you. :) (char! ang O.A ko na. har2!) 
            Love you so much,
Plans for weekends: (Hope matuloy *crossed fingers*)
A Day with him

 How I wish our time will move so slow. :( 
such a memorable place for us! Clue? far from Davao City.  :)

 Flying Lanterns near seashore
          Disney Movie - Rapunzel (2009. This is the movie where I saw floating lanterns and got really amazed! I told  myself, someday, I will make this for real. With whom? Of course, with him! I want this so bad in our first anniversary. But I feel it won't work. :( 

Few more days to go, what do you think shall I give to him?

Happy Holidays everyone.

PS: Photos grabbed grabbed from internet random.

Monday, December 17, 2012


At last, an outfit shot! It's been a while since I posted my very own faces in this blog. :) So this is what I wore last Saturday, December 15, 2012, during our 1GOAL Retro Xmas Party. It was held at El Bajada Hotel, Davao City. The theme was, of course, "Retro". I was scanning over the internet what does "Retro" means. And I found out that retro was common during 1970's. Most of the retro outfits were bright colors, using afro heads, flare pants and shaggy ones. Styles common are polka dots, ribbons, swirls and lines. I was thinking to wear something unique.  Quick chosen clothes for my hectic schedules. And here's the outcome: 
Pardon me for the blurry photo. This was taken
just before we leave the function hall using Iphone.
I did not wear lots of jewelries. Simply, because I want to focus more on the outfit.
Abstract never fails me. It gives a lot of meaning. 

Vintage Abstract Retro-inspired Blazer
For unknown reason, I'm very particular especially with the designs. What makes me hype with this blazer were the abstract lines, would you agree?

I was thinking of wearing booties during the event. But I don't have one that can fit or blend with the colours. So I decided to wear my old pumps and wore a black stockings. Alternative thoughts! 

I miss photo shoot so much. 
A year end photo shoot, 
What do you think? 

PS: Photos courtesy of Sir B. Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who Loves Romwe?

How Lucky I am! It's a good sign! 

           Last time, I blogged about my December 2012 wishlist!And one of my wishlists is clothes from Romwe. Fortunately, while scanning my ymails earlier, Romwe emailed me about this good news! Yay! It's a a sign! Please help me grant my wish!! (desperate mode) haha

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That's simple!
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I'll appreciate and give you all my thanks.
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More Giveaway on Romwe. 
Happy Xmas Gift Packs Everyday!

ROMWE XMAS Promotion, UP TO 70% OFF plus free Christmas stocking 

with mysterious gifts inside 
From December 19th to 25th. 

Feel free to leave a comment below. 

Thank you very much.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Giveaway: Statuesque Canvas X Blinds Creation

What do you think?
Join Statuesque Canvas Blog Giveaway and Blinds Creation! 

Just click here, and follow instructions thereafter. 
Don't forget to read their blogs!
I just joined their giveaway! Now, it's your time. 


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas wishlist

Have you read my latest blog? If not, read "Are Santa Claus Real?" Then, read this blog again. 
Well, Can you be my Santa? If yes, can you grant some of my Xmas Wishlist, please? 

Apparels (Tops, Shorts, Skirts and Dress)
              Every girls love dress, right? Want some from Romwe. and more clothes, clothes, and clothes. *_*
              Beaded Bandeau Galaxy DressDouble-breasted Skirt Hem Design Pink Trench-coat

 Been in-love with lace-style mini shorts! Aren't they pretty?
Accessories (Necklace, rings, and etc)

Foot wears (Pumps, Heels, Wedges and Booties)
            I promised myself if I'll work and got my payslip, I'll treat myself of something. Luckily, I got a job early summer of this year. Since then, I kept on buying foot wears randomly. Was that bad? I've been so addicted with heels and wedges. Can't help to resist them so bad. Since then, I got 25 pairs of different foot wears. Four random shoes are use for my daily office outfits . 21 pairs left unused. I know that it's too much, but I want some MORE. 
Trendy Shoes more on Facebook.
Gadgets (Cellphone & Camera)
    I admit! I already had 2 cellphones with me. But I just want a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so bad. :( 
 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Above) & Digital Camera (Below)
     Of coarse, a digital camera! I don't care if it's not a DSLR. I'm not going to pursue professional photography anyway. A simple camera will do. :)

Sewing Machine
    I want to learn more on how to sew clothes. Actually, I'm planning to buy one this month. So that I could start to make my own clothes. I guess, it wasn't a bad idea. Less clothes expenses for my part. Who  knows, what if I could make my own clothing styles and sell those via online? It's already a business!
Romantic Vacation with him.
     I never had a serious relationship before him. When I was in high school, I thought engaging into a serious relationship is worthless since ,for sure, you'll ended breaking up, got hurt and worst, depressed. I have some friends (not to mention their names) at a very early age, they got pregnant. They were left behind by the guy who used to "love" them. That's why, I'm so scared to commit myself in a serious relationship. I'm scared to be hurt emotionally!
     Months before our college graduation, I meet this guy. I thought that his a gay knowing that he sound like one. LOL! His voice was so soft, and feminine-type.I kept on teasing him. Days passed, I just found out myself of "liking" him. And I couldn't just explain this kind of feeling. Am I falling already? I was asked by a friend, "Do you love him? And why?" There was a long silence. And then, I answered him softly, "Yes, but I don't know why." And he said, "Indeed, there is no answer why you love a person." Then he smiled.

     Since he decided to continue schooling, he enrolled medicine. Med-school is a very tough one. It means a lot of sacrifices especially time. If you'll ask me, when was the last time we dated? My answer, "I think it was months ago". As his girlfriend, I want to support him as much as I can do. I admit, Less Dates, Less Time, Less for Everything. But I hope we can celebrate our first anniversary this December. 
     Ahai. I already miss him. :( How sad! I promise  not to communicate him unless everything will turn okay. So, I'll make myself busy then. Pwew!

Anyways, what's your wish for this year's Christmas?
Wishing you an advance Christmas! 


PS: Photos grabbed via Google random. 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Santa, Are you Real?


Dear Santa, 
Santa, are you real? Please hear my heart calling for all these gifts!


When I was a child, I kept on asking myself, "Are Santa Claus real?". I remembered when I was five years old, I hanged a Christmas sock near my bedroom's window and gently whispered, "I wish to have a barbie doll". The next day, when I woke up and checked my Christmas sock, guess what I found? Of course, It's a barbie doll!!! That was unforgettable! But ages had past, I learned that it was my parents placed a gift inside that sock. Poor me! I believed Santa Claus are real. But I realized later on, that the image of "Santa Claus" is not always a man wearing red velvet dress and hat with a long, and curly white beards. The spirit of being a Santa is within your heart. Yes! You're  a "Santa Claus" when you give something valuable to one person and make him smile. 

Well, that was part of my childhood memories. :) 
What do you want for Christmas? 

Happy Holidays

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pre-Christmas Sale Everywhere!!!

Can you feel it? Its Christmas!!! 

Pardon me! I know I missed a lot of things in the blog world. And It's been a while since the last time I blogged. My bad! I've been so busy lately and got a lot of errands to do. Promise to update my blog often. Anyways, would like to share this to you, dears! 25 Days to go, and it's Christmas already! And I could really feel it since a lot of stores are on-SALE right now. 

When: November 29, 2012 - December 2, 2012
If you're from Davao City, feel free to visit DavCon Christmas Bazaar!!! Can't wait to receive my payslip. *_* 


The Great Giordano Anniversary Sale is finally here. Up to 30% off on all regular items INCLUDING NEW ARRIVALS!!! 


Come and visit your nearest Giordano store nationwide.

*Get an additional 5% off for a minimum single purchase receipt of Php 11,500 or more. The additional discount will only be applied after the 30% discount has been given.

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Double midnight Pre-Christmas Sale on GAISANO MALL OF DAVAO! Hurry! Visit them tonight!

Like GAISANO MALL (DAVAO) on Facebook.

November 26, 2012 - December 2, 2012

Been addicted with Android phones? Worry no more! Visit and Shop 0+Stores nationwide!!
The newest ANDROID cellphone is now on your hand!
Visit them at nearest malls.
Like 0+ on Facebook and get a coupon worth of 500php.
Just click the underlined words. 

O+ Said: "Mark your calendars! Fashion and Technology in one event. O+ and Bench/ Super Sale, this December 2nd. Everyone who "likes" our page is invited."

Love pumps and heels? Some online shops are on SALE! Catch them on Facebook!!

I can't wait to get my payslip. *_* 
This year, I really hope I could buy something for myself. 



Monday, October 15, 2012

Coz I'm Addicted

I'm not a lesbian, but I like to get-up like a guy! 
My own version of boyish-chick look. 
What do you think? 

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ellesse: Perfect Giveaways

Model: Eric Arozado || Ellese Polo 
Sir Eric's top was cool. Was it? 
Model: Franklin Cañiones || Ellese Checkered Polo
I really love Sir Franklin's polo shirt. Maybe I find it so cool and nice. How I wish I could avail one for my father's! Unfortunately, when we arrived at Abreeza, it's almost 8:30pm. Ubusan talaga ng stocks. :( Few  more stuff displayed there and less sizes to be chosen. 
Model: Armando Mortejo || Ellese shirt
This one is simple and clean! I find it eyes' friendly. And looks so good on Sir Armando's body.
What I bought that night.
 Last Friday night, I got a memo from Sir Ritchell that the Ellesse (Italia) will be having sale at Abreeza Mall, Davao City. I don't know why, but I became interested with this brand. LOL! So, I ended up inviting my big boss to come with me and shop! 

So what is Ellese all about? Ellesse is an Italian brand founded by Leonardo Servadio in the year 1959. "L.S" was the initials use in their first logo. It was inspired from the glass and steel company office complex built in Ellera in the 1980's . It became popular sportswear in the mid's of 1980's and gained reputation for combining sportswear with high-level fashion style. Later on, the logo was change and enhance. It symbolizes the pairs of ski with a cross section of a tennis ball to remind us the brand's heritage in these sports. Ellese Italia clothes spread worldwide until nowadays.

Who wears Ellese? Celebrities such as Chris Evert,  Guillermo Vilas, Muhammad Ali, and Alain Prost. I will be blogging some of clothes I brought @Ellesse. :) 

PS: Special Thanks to my 1GOAL family, Eric Arozado, Franklin Cañiones and Armando Mortejo for being my models. 

Follow my twitter: dlaconicann :)

Love Lots,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the midst of Davao's Festival

Boho Dress from Friend's Bazaar

Boho dress: Bazaar || Silver Doll Shoes: Trifted
A quick shot just before the seminar starts! What's with the boho outfit? Davao City is now celebrating its annual Kadayawan Festival! Davaoeneous are really busy outside and having fun with different events held in different places of Davao City. That's the sad part, I haven't enjoy this year's Kadayawan festival. :((

No worries! What I missed was the said event, but at the end of the day, I felt contented already. After our Health Forum, we visited some of our friends confined in some hospitals. Then afterwards, night out with some friends. LOL! How I wish I had a camera with me. Lots of foods! Super!  :( Maybe next time.