Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All I want for Christmas is - You!

This blog is dedicated to someone who is very dear to me. I hope he can read this despite of his hectic schedules. Few more days, anniversary  na namin. Hope he can remember that. :-/

 Dear Love, 
          It might be this is not the right time for everything, but I'm so grateful that I have you. You're not just a special friend, but a brother who comforts me every time I face dooms and trials. You were always there, and never leave my side until I smile. Those short times I've been with you is like a forever. 
          Remember the day you asked me why do I loved you? I remained in silence and never give you an answer. For the reason, that I really don't know why I love you. All I know, that I care so much to you, hurt when you get hurt, and happy when your happy.
         It maybe took another month, another year for everything but I'll be always right here, loving and supporting you. :) (char! ang O.A ko na. har2!) 
            Love you so much,
Plans for weekends: (Hope matuloy *crossed fingers*)
A Day with him

 How I wish our time will move so slow. :( 
such a memorable place for us! Clue? far from Davao City.  :)

 Flying Lanterns near seashore
          Disney Movie - Rapunzel (2009. This is the movie where I saw floating lanterns and got really amazed! I told  myself, someday, I will make this for real. With whom? Of course, with him! I want this so bad in our first anniversary. But I feel it won't work. :( 

Few more days to go, what do you think shall I give to him?

Happy Holidays everyone.

PS: Photos grabbed grabbed from internet random.

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