Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hungry yet bloated

Fettucine Ala King

Today is what I called a very special day! Want know why? Eheeeem! I’ll share it maybe later. *Big smile*
I ate oats early this morning, but I suffered from gastric upset too much. It was nearly a day. That’s why, I felt too much weak. I want to pica yet my tummy gets irritated. So what I’ve done? Water therapy.
After the consultation, the boss and I went to pizza hut for lunch. I want to eat pizza, for real. But I ended up eating Fettucine Ala King. I ate a little bit but my stomach starts to twinge again. Oh crap! It causes me a lot of trouble. Damn! I felt so weak. I’m hungry yet bloated. I really want to eat!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coffee Break

*Lex Cafe
  I HATE COFFEES! Guess why? It causes me insomnia (difficulty of sleeping at night). As a result, I got dreadful head ache the next day. So I decided not to sip any coffees anymore since then.

                Last month, I was at El Bajada Hotel waiting for my interview. Sir Aries was next to me (who was a completely stranger to me). He approached me and talked a little bit about networking business. Then, suddenly, he brought two Lex café sachet and offered me some. I told him that I’m not drinking coffees anymore. He asked me why, and so I told him about my story about it. But due of respect, I accepted his offer. Nakakahiya naman kasi eh, right?

                Come to think of it? It’s been half a month since I’m drinking Lex Café. Honestly, I really love its taste. And this coffee is extremely healthy made out from richest herbs all over the world. What are the contents? Trans-Resveratrol, Goto-Kola Herbs, Guarana Extract, Coral Calcium, and L-Citrulline. It makes you younger and healthy every time you drink it everyday!

                Why I kept savoring its taste? Simple! I got a better sleep at night. No headaches for the following day. Try it! It's very healthy and good for our health!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farewell? Or Hello to Real World?

SPARK Casual Photo Shoot 

This is what I wore during our photo shoot for SPARK 2012, our official yearbook for this year. It’s been three months ago but memoirs were very fresh. It’s a very long story truly. However, I really thank God for all the blessings He gave me. I also appreciated the help of my friends and classmates during my difficult days. For my parents, who worked so hard just to send me to school. For my dearest sisters and brothers who always there for comfort. And I cannot also forget those advises and words of encouragement from my mentors and advisers. It's a long quest after all. However, I am proud that at last, I surpassed my college days! I am stronger than before. 

I am recently working as a company nurse. Fortunately, I enjoyed here very much. Truly a blessing, isn't it? Life is really amazing! Just don't give up no matter what! Say HELLO to the REAL WORLD!

Until next time....

PS: welcome back to the bloggers' world, Ann. 
Been busy lately.