Tuesday, March 05, 2013

It more fun in Davao

Welcome to Crocodile Park.
                Plan A - visit the gigantic crocodiles at crocodile park and watch evening show. It was a gloomy day. Clouds turn to grayish as if it will rain. The wind was so strong. However, since everything was planned, we must go there. Good thing that we have car with us. Less transportation fee. :) Upon arriving at the area, we learned that there was no evening shows in weekends. So instead of entering and paying for the entrance fee, we decided to walked around outside the park and took pictures. 

Mural painting
Behind me is the mural painting presenting the Tribu K' Mindanawan (cultural village). Davaoeñous are  very proud presenting their cultural arts in the world. Not to mention, how many tribes do Davao was composed of? I can name few but more or less, 13 tribes. (I'm not sure). 

Welcome to Jacksridge, Davao City.
              After crocodile park, we visited the Jacksridge. It was located in Matina, few kilometers from crocodile park. This is not my first time to visit here. But I really like this place for two reasons - first, you can see the overview image of Davao City (very good at night because of lights) and historical docu's and arts of the place and second, a good destination for couples who were on dating and outing. 
Me sitting next to Jacksridge's centerpiece. 

Going to Japanese War Plane

Ahser Eduardo, photographer-on-duty

Yes, Jacksridge has also swimming pool.
After enjoying Davao's view, you can swim on their pool. Summer is near. Make one of these on your destinations. 
This is the tunnel's entrance used by Japanese soldiers to hide during world war 2. 
I attempt entering this tunnel. But my mind change since I was wearing shorts and don't have protective gear with me. (defensive mode) This tunnel is about approximately 2 feet tall with 2 feet in diameter. Japanese are really wise men! (salute) Who would thought that they will hide inside this tunnel for a long long time ago? I really wondered what is inside. (curios mind)
Japanese plane during world war 2
Japanese war plane crashed on the mountains of Jackridge during world war 2 in 1940's. This is near in the entrance tunnel (photo above). 
Gigantic old sea Taklobo shells are said to be the silent witnesses of Davao's watery past. 

Durian Eaters Statue
If you're in Davao, you must try eating the king of the jungle fruits, Durian! It was one of the greatest attractions in Davao. Oh! Durian has different variety! They have distinct (unique)smell but it really taste good. As a matter of fact, there are so many foreigners and locals who came here just to eat Durian. 

Davao City will  be celebrating "76th Araw  ng Davao" (Davao's Day) on March 16, 2013. It is a week-long celebration of the founding of the city with lots of cultural presentations of several ethnic tribes, sports competitions, parades and selection of Mutya ng Davao (Miss Davao) which was the highlights of the celebration. 

Hopefully, you can visit our place and celebrate with us. 
Madayaw Davao!