Friday, June 01, 2012

Romwe: My Wish List

Fresh Oversized Cowls Purple Shirt
Tussel Trim Jacquard Vest
Tassel Embellishment Gradient Black Dress

Mysterious Universe Tulip Skirt
Nude Dress
Google at internet. And this is what I found.
Hype at

Lovely, isn't it?
How I wish I could buy all of this.
Pending wishlist.


Mandy said...

I absolutely adore Romwe and your selections are lovely! I've been such an avid aficionado of their site since their inception.

I also think the title of your blog is superb ... 'laconic' is possibly one of my favourite words - ever. ;)

Thank you for your sweet comment! :) I love your blog and am following you now!

Hope you'll come and pop by again. :)

<3 Mandy xx

kerker said...

love the nude dress! I havent shopped at Romwe before but will check out the site as soon as I post this comment haha

xo kerker
The Ugly Moments

Em said...

love your picks :)

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Oh! Thanks Mandy for reading my blog.
And for your sweet comment.

"Laconic" means "silent". And I think that fits to my personality most.
You should love it too.

Thanks for following me too.

I'll visit your blog after I posted this message.



Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

You should try it.

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Thanks Em! :))