Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Top: Loose Polo Shirt || Bottom: High waist mini-short
Sling Bag: Jelly Bean || Korean Old Shoes

                  Jelly Bean ||Brown Sling Bag              

Korea  vintage shoes

As usual, I woke up late. I had so many errands to do, yet I wondered why, I slept for almost a day. Maybe my energy was drained up last night. Ooops! Are you thinking something green? LOL! I’m with my dearest last night! That’s it!

Boredom really kills me! Thus, I decided to visit Ashley. I remembered that she’s planning to sell some of her clothes since not everything from her closet she’ll bring.  Oh my! Ashley will be leaving the Philippines so soon! That’s so sad. L But for the sake of her future, I’ll be glad. 

Sorry for the haggard face! Those photos were taken after our clothes photo shoot. Recently, I’m wearing heels because of my work. So, I’m thinking of wearing flats today. You know, it’s not good wearing heels for the rest of the week. So prone to varicose veins! Just want to wear something comfy! 

What do you think of my look? Paired with loose top partially tucked in my high-waist maong shorts?

 Watch out as Ashley Alvarez hosts her first clothes online selling! Keep in touch!