Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday's Best: Fashion Blast

        In preparation for our retreat photo booth, a photo shoot was organized at Ashley's Residence. Everyone is encourage to wear "something to impress". It can be edgy, animal-prints, colored, vintage or what-so-ever. Since Ashley is one of the members of GPS, we invited some of her friends (photographers) for the said photo shoot. It's so fun to mingle and chatting with them especially with Kuya Marvin, Kuya Cy and Archie. Everyone is really a good companion.

Here are some of outdoor shoots we did while others are busy like a bee.... ^_^ 
Red Velvet
Subject: Yeye Siangco
Photographed by: Archetomaquin
Simple Seduction
Subject: Yeye Siangco
Photographed by: Kuya Marvin

Subject: Kristine Villano
Photographed by: Archetomaquin
Subject:Charmy Yen Asuncion
Photographed by: Archetomaquin

Subject: Bianca Espiritu
Location: Ashley's Residence
Photographed by: Cyril Maravilla
Subject: Kristine Villano
Photographed by: Cath Fernandez
Model: Geliane Alba of The Statuesque Canvas
Photographed by: Marvin Gepulla

"A little bit Noisy"
Photographed by: Marvin Gepulla
Location: Ashley's Residence
Outfit: Brown sun glasses, Pearl necklace + long chains
with variety sizes of rings

 "A little bit Noisy"
Photographed by: Archetomaquin
Location: Ashley's Residence
Outfit: Brown sun glasses, Pearl necklace + long chains
with variety sizes of rings

Model: Me*
Outfit: Brown sun glasses/White vest/black body-fit mini-dress/

high heeled, black boots
Where: Ashley's Residence
Photographer: Marvin Gepulla of One-Winged Angel Digital imagery
 Outfit: Brown sun glasses/White vest/black body-fit mini-dress
/high heeled, black boots
Where: Ashley's Residence
Photographer: Marvin Gepulla of  

One-Winged Angel Digital imagery
 Outfit: Brown sun glasses/White vest/black body-fit mini-dress/high heeled, black boots
Where: Ashley's Residence

Photographed by: Cyril Maravillahimself
Well, I looked so chubby here. ahahahaha

"Black 'n white never fails"
Photographed by: Cyril Maravilla
Location: Ashley's Residence

Photographed by: The GPS
watermark: Ashley Alvarez
I did some revisions at the back portion. I really want to enhance the lights
 at the back. Unfortunately, I'm such a  novice photo editor.
And so, here's the outcome. T_T

And before the day ends, a group picture must be taken. Sooo becky! (gayish mode)
The GPS (Graphic Artist and Photographers Society)
From the right (top): Kuya Dale, Kuya Glen, Kuya Cy, Kuya __, Kuya Marvin, Kuya Brylle and Kuya Archie
(below): Ashley, Cath and Me*
Shot taken after the pictorial taking

What happened that Cool Sunday???

8:30 am - I arrived at Ashley's house

8:45 am - We left and went at Mcdo Bajada to get them (GPS memmbers)

9:00 am - small conversation, eat breakfast while waiting for the others to come

10:10 am - we left Mcdo and went to Ashley's house

10:30 am - setting up the STUDIO. This is great! Everyone is participating for the shoot.
I left magazines outside so that they could scan for poses they want.

11:30 am - Photo shoot began! Some of my classmates arrived the area a little bit earlier like Aimee and Ishi

(while everyone is busy with the photoshoot inside the studio, Kuya Archie and I had our own photoshoot outside the house. It's kinda missing to project in front the camera)

Arrival of some of my classmates! One by one is coming inside for the shoot. Every girl is preparing themselves to project nice in front of the camera.

Others had outdoor photo shoot. Kristine, Juvie, Rae, Melody, Ivy, Bianca and others have a great shot!

1:30 pm - I left Ash's house for awhile, Need to come home to get my stuff for the shoot. I thought I could attend the Frisbee competition after our pictorial . Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come.

2:30 pm - Back at Ash' house. The GPS took their lunch. weee..So delay.

4:00 pm - I changed my clothes. Put some facial powder and light eye shadow. I saw Dominic, classmate, entering our mini studio next door.

4:15 pm - time for me to pose in front the cameras. weee.! They kept on bullying me. hahaha...

4:30 pm - took some outdoor pictorials with kuya Cy, kuya Marv's and Kuya Archie. ^_^

5:00 pm - Almost done with the shoot. I saw Ashley inside the mini studio posing with her cutie outfit! Weee..She's really enjoying!

5:30 pm - after care of the studio before we left the area, scanning of the photos, comparing shots, chatting, and do some evaluation.

6:00 pm -  part ways. It's really nice talking and mingle with The GPS group. Fun and enjoy. After they left, Ash and I rescan the photos and uploaded them at our group page.


PS: I'm not one of the GPS. However, they welcomed me so warm to their group.

Photo credits to kuya Marvin, Kuya Cy, kuya Arhie and the rest of the GPS group.

I'll just post the other photos here. ^___^
very sooon.

Ann of d'LS

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kweshiedoodles Giveaway!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lights. Camera. Pose.

Beautiful girls got a great shot! Well, I think being a "bonnie" is only a factor which can add on to your total package, but what's the most important ingredient during the photo shoots, is you know how to handle yourself in front of the camera. And that's – P.A.F.E! 

It is not easy to position yourself in front of the camera if you don't know your best angle. Photographers would take time to study your body for them to get your best shots. Sometimes, we looked like a clown or dreadful. So first thing you must do, get a body-size mirror. Look at yourself as you survey the best parts and angles of you. You may feel awkward at first but frankly, you will get to know yourself better.

Concentrate on what you're doing. Sometimes, we were bombarded with negative comments from others, yet don't be hesitate to pose. TRY TO BREATHE and RELAX. You will feel comfortable to yourself naturally and great outcomes follow.

Walking the aisle; busy January Sunday. 
During the photo shoots, remain your BACK STRAIGHT. That's include the principle of “CHIN UP, CHEST OUT, STOMACH IN and BUTT OUT.” Have you already tried this? Well, good for you Does your back aches after? Honestly, it's not that easy at first . It really takes us time and effort. TRY TO WALK ALSO WITH YOUR HEELS, THEN PLACE A LONG RULER/WOOD BETWEEN YOUR ARMS AT YOUR BACK. It would also help you to maintain your posture as you walk.

PLAY IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Usually what I did during the shoots is not looking directly at the lens of the camera. I feel, sometimes, gawky if I do so. Look on the right or left side while tilting your head. Your head and neck can also stay stationary then, let your eyes play all the tricks.

Simple Smile for simple Sunday Day Out. 
SMILE. Good for you if you have great teeth. You could smile without that difficulty. All you have to do is to practice them in front of the mirror. Remember, DON'T GRIND YOUR TEETH ALWAYS. Try to play a little bit like LAUGHING, FROWNING, and SMIRKING. For starters, smile or laugh, then look at the camera. Remember that our SMILES can add impact to your shoot but be sure you could also show what else you can do.

Asymmetrical positions can add more glamour to your posture.
Stylish: Valerie Mati-ong
Photographer: Kuya Aris
Models are encourage to use their body parts asymmetrically. For instance, right leg forward while the other backwards or your right arm is bending while the other is holding something. Asymmetrical positions will draw your body curves.

Remember, you can be a model on your own. Just work on your P.A.F.E (Posture, Attitudes and Facial Expressions).

PS: These modeling tips are based from my real life experiences. Do you have any tips that would you like to share with us, feel free to post comment/s below. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012


After the SOUL LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS SOIREE , Ashley, Geliane, Erick and I took our dinner at KFC while waiting for the RUNAWAY. It was ever the first fashion show held at Abreeza Mall. The stylists were Actec Barba, Dodgie Baty, Emi-Engis, Edgar Buyan and Popoy Barba. Sponsors were from MAZE, SOUL LIFESTYLE, etc.

Here are some photos taken by Ashley from the RUNAWAY. 


Add caption


I LOVE THIS VIOLET-DRESS COLLECTIONS. The designs were excellent and magnificent. It was sooo stylish!

The stylists behind the magnificent RUNAWAY FASHION SHOW.

New acquaintances from BLACK OUT TRENDS

Unfortunately, I don’t have the chance to talk with the stylists of the show personally. I was standing meters away from them. As a matter of fact, I don’t know them yet. It was my first time to saw them. However, I really want to be acquainted with them, have a little conversation and talk about their fashion inspirations and admiration. You know, it’s nice to know that you have friends who have same interests with you. Oh! How I wish I will be given that chance soon. 

I also get a chance to talk with some of the models that were selected from Black out Trends after their runaway. Some were old friends from fashion industry. But the one who really entertained me a lot was Mark. (wearing stripes T-shirt from the right side).

Thanks to Ashley, we have free two tickets since she was a VIP-card holder! I really love fashion shows. I used to ramp twice the runaway. And I really missed it. 

Photo credits to Ashley Kim Alvarez. 

Saturday, January 07, 2012

I meet them: An Acquaintance at Soul Lifestyle, Abreeza

A while ago, Ashley and I went to Abreeza Mall to see the famed blogger, Cheyser. We encountered once last December 23, 2011 at Starbucks, Abreeza Mall. I have all the opportunity to take picture with her. But unfortunately, I was succumbing of my timidity. Then, I promise myself that if there’s another chance to meet her again, I will be gladly embracing that possibility. 

(Excerpt from Kwesh's Facebook: "Hi Fellow Davao Fashionistas! I am inviting you all to the meet and greet Cheyser F. Pedregosa Event Happening this Saturday at SOUL Lifestyle Abreeza")
Three days prior to the event, I was sitting in front of my desktop when a photo grabs my attention. It was from Kwesh’s facebook account tagged to Ashley's! I never thought that my wish would be grant that easily. I'm really expecting that it would take like months or years. 

“This is it! It’s about to go out inside my shell.” I told myself while riding on the escalator. Ashley kept on talking while I’m remaining on silent. I’m so anxious yet so excited to what will happen. When we entered the Soul, I saw Kwesh (Kweshiedoodles) holding some Soul clothes. She’s my classmate and a blogger too since 2011. Then, little conversation starts!

(Kwesh from
During our stay at Soul Lifestyle, there’s an on-going competition. I think it’s a styling or dressing something or whatsoever which consists of two pairs. One will be the model and the other one will be the stylish. After the mini-ramp of the clothes, the stylish will explain the couture she made.

I like this style. Sooo FAB!


Geliane Alba of
Photo was taken from!/SOULLifestyle
Photo was taken from!/SOULLifestyle
We met new friends. Some were bloggers, fashion stylish, and fans of Ms. Cheyser of The WALKING RECCESSIONISTA. At last, I find a chance to mingle with her and other fashion bloggers like Pat and Wilson of Style Zodiac, Kyrie of Kyrie Couture, Mia of, Gail of Yourlivingmannequin and Steph of confessions of a glitterati, Aidx Paredes of and Farrah Garcia of Gelianne Alba of and his ever supporting boyfriend and our dear classmate, Erick Loquez, were there too.  

Photo taken inside the SOUL LIFESTYLE, Abreeza Mall.
Sometimes, I feel awkward to mingle with them. It’s because I was stunned with their outfits and clothes. It seems so branded. Others look elegant with their attires. I feel like so small in this fashion world. Sometimes, I’m thinking that I’m not belonging here since I don’t have the money needed for my hobbies and interest. However, my young sister, Valerie, told me that fashion isn’t money-matter always. It’s on your skill to create clothes better look than expensive ones. Dress what you think that could fit your personality. And most of all, LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. DON’T HESITANT to make your own decisions. After all, YOU are YOURSELF.

Photo Credits to Ashley Kim Alavarez, my best friend. 
 Thanks to her for bringing her camera with us too. 

Some photos were taken from SOUL LIFESTYLE FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.