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I meet them: An Acquaintance at Soul Lifestyle, Abreeza

A while ago, Ashley and I went to Abreeza Mall to see the famed blogger, Cheyser. We encountered once last December 23, 2011 at Starbucks, Abreeza Mall. I have all the opportunity to take picture with her. But unfortunately, I was succumbing of my timidity. Then, I promise myself that if there’s another chance to meet her again, I will be gladly embracing that possibility. 

(Excerpt from Kwesh's Facebook: "Hi Fellow Davao Fashionistas! I am inviting you all to the meet and greet Cheyser F. Pedregosa Event Happening this Saturday at SOUL Lifestyle Abreeza")
Three days prior to the event, I was sitting in front of my desktop when a photo grabs my attention. It was from Kwesh’s facebook account tagged to Ashley's! I never thought that my wish would be grant that easily. I'm really expecting that it would take like months or years. 

“This is it! It’s about to go out inside my shell.” I told myself while riding on the escalator. Ashley kept on talking while I’m remaining on silent. I’m so anxious yet so excited to what will happen. When we entered the Soul, I saw Kwesh (Kweshiedoodles) holding some Soul clothes. She’s my classmate and a blogger too since 2011. Then, little conversation starts!

(Kwesh from
During our stay at Soul Lifestyle, there’s an on-going competition. I think it’s a styling or dressing something or whatsoever which consists of two pairs. One will be the model and the other one will be the stylish. After the mini-ramp of the clothes, the stylish will explain the couture she made.

I like this style. Sooo FAB!


Geliane Alba of
Photo was taken from!/SOULLifestyle
Photo was taken from!/SOULLifestyle
We met new friends. Some were bloggers, fashion stylish, and fans of Ms. Cheyser of The WALKING RECCESSIONISTA. At last, I find a chance to mingle with her and other fashion bloggers like Pat and Wilson of Style Zodiac, Kyrie of Kyrie Couture, Mia of, Gail of Yourlivingmannequin and Steph of confessions of a glitterati, Aidx Paredes of and Farrah Garcia of Gelianne Alba of and his ever supporting boyfriend and our dear classmate, Erick Loquez, were there too.  

Photo taken inside the SOUL LIFESTYLE, Abreeza Mall.
Sometimes, I feel awkward to mingle with them. It’s because I was stunned with their outfits and clothes. It seems so branded. Others look elegant with their attires. I feel like so small in this fashion world. Sometimes, I’m thinking that I’m not belonging here since I don’t have the money needed for my hobbies and interest. However, my young sister, Valerie, told me that fashion isn’t money-matter always. It’s on your skill to create clothes better look than expensive ones. Dress what you think that could fit your personality. And most of all, LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. DON’T HESITANT to make your own decisions. After all, YOU are YOURSELF.

Photo Credits to Ashley Kim Alavarez, my best friend. 
 Thanks to her for bringing her camera with us too. 

Some photos were taken from SOUL LIFESTYLE FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. 

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