Thursday, January 12, 2012


After the SOUL LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS SOIREE , Ashley, Geliane, Erick and I took our dinner at KFC while waiting for the RUNAWAY. It was ever the first fashion show held at Abreeza Mall. The stylists were Actec Barba, Dodgie Baty, Emi-Engis, Edgar Buyan and Popoy Barba. Sponsors were from MAZE, SOUL LIFESTYLE, etc.

Here are some photos taken by Ashley from the RUNAWAY. 


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I LOVE THIS VIOLET-DRESS COLLECTIONS. The designs were excellent and magnificent. It was sooo stylish!

The stylists behind the magnificent RUNAWAY FASHION SHOW.

New acquaintances from BLACK OUT TRENDS

Unfortunately, I don’t have the chance to talk with the stylists of the show personally. I was standing meters away from them. As a matter of fact, I don’t know them yet. It was my first time to saw them. However, I really want to be acquainted with them, have a little conversation and talk about their fashion inspirations and admiration. You know, it’s nice to know that you have friends who have same interests with you. Oh! How I wish I will be given that chance soon. 

I also get a chance to talk with some of the models that were selected from Black out Trends after their runaway. Some were old friends from fashion industry. But the one who really entertained me a lot was Mark. (wearing stripes T-shirt from the right side).

Thanks to Ashley, we have free two tickets since she was a VIP-card holder! I really love fashion shows. I used to ramp twice the runaway. And I really missed it. 

Photo credits to Ashley Kim Alvarez. 


Mara Feliz said...

These are really beautiful pictures! :)

Cute blog! Kisses! xxx

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi Mara! How are you? ^_^

Thank you for appreciating my blog.
It's a newbie so far...but i wish to learn from you.

These pictures were taken from my friend, Ashley.
Just click the link above to see the other pictures. ^_^