Monday, June 04, 2012

Sunday Delight

       Chill time! Ashley invited me to go out with her. Yay! Bestfriend’s Day Out? Absolutely, Yes! I really missed her so much. And I think it’s been a month since the last time I visited her at their place. L  Anyways, what’s the treat?

Dinner at Sbarrow.

Chicago Deep Dish || Photo taken from Google

Deep Dish || Photo taken from Google || ashley'
Spaghetti with meat balls and garlic bread

              “Is this a pizza house?” I asked myself silently. But I left hanging seeing all those pizzas being displayed. No wonder I answered immediately, YES! IT WAS!

                Wandering at the place, I was amazed by these gigantic and bulky pizzas displayed near the counter. Big enough to feed hungry fatty pigs, aren’t they? *Big smile* But aside from that, they are also catering pastas like spaghetti and lasagna. Honestly, prizes were a little bit expensive. However, you will never regret to purchase one because everything is worth it. Asking why? A slice of Sbarro pizza is enough to load your empty stomach! J

Movie Treat: Snow white and the Huntsman

Photo || Google

              I love fairytales! Since I was a child, I’m kept on dreaming to become a princess, live at the castle, served by millions of servants and praise by my own people. However, dream is a dream. And that dream is bursting merely at my fancy world.

                After our dinner at Sbarrow, we watched Snow white and the Huntsman. Yay! We got a free Nestle Krunch! I think it’s there new product in the market. Yet, I tasted so good! It’s like a magnum ice cream. Filled with chocolate inside but coated with krunch (I don’t know what they called it). Well, talking about the movie, my verdict: the story line and the characters were good as well as the setting. But it’s just that I don’t like the ending. Bitin! Snow white became the queen and what’s next? What happened to the Huntsman? How about the love story between the main characters? Phee!I can’t answer my own queries. Perhaps, the director left the ending-of-the-story to the audience. At the end, it’s like the struggle and challenges that Snow white faced during her vengeance to the Evil Queen.