Friday, February 10, 2012

Wondering at Soul Lifestyle

Ashley and I planned to look for an outfit that I can use for my event next week, 
February 18, 2012.  
We went to Gaisano Mall of Davao to gather some styles, ideas and outfit designs. 
She wanted to buy some clothes too. And then, we came to visit the 
Soul Lifestyle (located at second floor of Gaisano Mall).  
 Actually, Ashley told me that they will be having a valentine sale. So some of their 
clothes will be sale as low as 299 (Of, course, it depends on the style).

Since Ashley is busy choosing her clothes, I lend her camera for awhile. 
While wondering the place, I took some of these pieces which captures my attention. 
Here, take a look!


mannequin's hand wearing gold-hue bracelets
While resting on the mini-sofa, unconsciously I looked upward.
What I saw was this chandelier. 
It's really amazing!
I was amazed by its curvature designs. 
If, I'm not mistaken, 
I think it was the only chandelier hanging up there.
I always dream to have chandelier at home.
A Decorative Candle

I found this solely decorative candle near the dressing room. 
I was attracted with its curvature design.
It's simple yet elegant.  I like its black and white color combination.
Well, I'm planning to make my own decorative candle too. 

Foot wears
How I wish to have lots of shoes at home.
It was always my dream to have a cabinet full of different shoes,
sandals, heels, and other foot wears.
Usually, my mother bought me foot wears from bargains.
At Soul Lifestyle, they have nice styles of foot wears.
They are really foot-friendly because they are comfortable to wear.

Bag and wedge
Bags and wedges. A girl cannot go out without these with them.
Some girls prefer to wear flat shoes. Others love to wear heels.
But some gals, love to wear wedges because they are comforble to wear.
They are also fitted for those girls who were not that tall.

Colored Belts

Privileged Card

"How was your SOUL experience?"
"How was my SOUL experience?" I asked myself. 
Well, it's fun! I like their styles and outfit designs. 
They have also a cute accessories such as earings, bracelets, bangles,
rings and necklaces.
They also have bags, belts and shoes.

Unfortunately I can't buy right now.
Who knows, one of these days, 
I'll visit there again and buy some stuff.
I'm so sorry if some photos were not that clear.
I'm not that good of taking good photos.
I'm still practicing how to capture a good one. 

PS: watermarks by Ashley Kim Alvarez.


e.rose said...

I wish we have soul lifestyle here... I crave to have a single item from them..

Michelle said...

thanks for sharing,good luck in your exams,im having a hnm versace giveaway,come join, twitter@michellemwan

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi rose! ^-^ where do you live pala?

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi feb! Thank you. ^-^

I came to visit to your blog too.