Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Petros Faces

And the search is on!  
The Rock's Search for the 
Next Magazine Cover 2012! 

Out of the35 aspiring applicants, the top 20 candidates have been choosing after their
meticulous deliberation. I was fortunate that I was one of the said top 20 applicants. 

This is my first time to join actually in a search. Most of the time, I'm just an audience watching, observing and commenting about the show. Until now, I felt mixed emotions (happy, nervous, and anxious).
I don't even know what to do.

Honestly, I really don't know what comes into my mind why I joined this competition.

Two week prior the screening process, I took the application form at the photocopier (school's ground).
And then, I filled up those vacant spaces on the paper. 
I kept it into my bag, and thinking over and over again.
I asked myself, "Shall I join?"
I gave my application form to my boyfriend a day before we leave the school for retreat.
He passed it on Friday.
And then, Tien, a good friend of mine, told me that the screening will be on Sunday.
Wooah! Mixed emotions. I really  want to back out that time.
But then again, because of encouragement and advises of my friends,
I came the next day.

Sunday, I saw familiar faces. It was Mina and Joseph. They will join the screening too.
I really appreciated Mina's help. She wants to change my clothes that time. 
And then, she lend me her extra clothes. She also put some make-ups on my face.
I really thank her so much. 

I had fun during the interview and the photo shoot.
According to the fascilitators, they will just infromed us after the deliberation.

That night, I received a text message from Emily, one of facilitators informing that I was accepted.
OMG! What should I do? I felt happy but sad.
Where am I supposed to look for a couture for that night? 

There will be three ramps.
The first will be FASHIONISTA. The color assigned to be is ORANGE.
Then, next is the CREATIVE WEAR (indigo)
and the last, is the FORMAL WEAR (orange). 

I'm still looking for an outfit to be use for the show. Some of my friends are helping too.
Would you like to help me too? 
That's too easy!

Styled by: Mina Agar, (top + bottom)

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Feel free to scan also the photos my opponents. They're pretty and handsome.
I'll be glad if you'll leave comments, suggestions and recommendations too.

What do you think? What should I do right now? 

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