Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In the middle of...something...

Rainy days make things so dusky! 
That's why I preferred to wear something 
brown for this day.

I usually like rainy days.
However, I don't really know why I don't feel that way.
I often smile and remain silent. 
I tried to had some conversations 
but I felt there's something missing.

On the depth of sadness,
think for any possibilities that will boost up your ego,

look forward for the chances and opportunities to come
and don't leave yourself drown
grab them, and achieve them. Think positive!
Ashley and Me
After wandering at Soul Lifestyle, we went at the peak of Gaisano Mall and 
took some photo shoot just to ease our boredom.

It's kinda cold out there and it's about to rain.
We went back inside and went home after.
Besides, I need to fix my creative wear for this Saturday.

I felt so pressured.
What should i do just to ease this kind pressure?

Sometimes, our SMILES are the mask of our sadness, sorrow and depression.
But then again, if you keep on using it,
soon, it will tear off and reveal your true self.


Joanne said...

Girl, you deserve more love in your blog. :) I'm born and bred in Negros Occidental too but i'm currently living in Jersey City. :) Correct me if I'm wrong, but are the photos taken at Chalet?

Keep in touch!

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi, girl! Thanks for the lovely comment. ^_^

I lived at Negros Occidental that was eight years ago.
It's my parents' birthplace too.

Chalet? No, these photos were taken at the Peak of Gaisano Mall, Davao. ^_^


Joanne said...

oh, I see. It really looks like the rooftop of L'Fisher Chalet Towers. :)

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

OH! Now I know. ^_^

Actually, I'm not familiar with that place.
Where is that by the way?