Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pastel Inspirations

Carnation Pink Sheer Loose Top: Trifted || High waist yellow skirt: Craig
  'Twas a hot day!

It's already July! But for me, it's still "my summer". You know, I didn't enjoy this year's summer since I need to find a job after holy week of April. College is quite expensive! Luckily, my first attempt was successful!

Boho Earings || Butingtings

Look the details. Lace and metal rose! Do you like it?
Vintage Bag || News Island
Moving on, I really want wear something light for this day. Weather is crazy, would you agree me? :) My inspiration is PASTEL EASTER COLORS.

During my art class in high school, we were taught about color wheels. I usually use pastels as my medium for coloring. But don't you know that I rarely use light colors? Yes! I'm more on the darker ones because, for me, they can give extra density and texture to my artworks. I will only use light colors for blending, correcting, and emphasizing of the spot lights. 

They said that pastel colors symbolizes Springtime colors. Philippines got two seasons: rainy and sunny days! However, I realized that the equivalent of spring season in the other countries was the summer days of Philippines (late March-April). Pastel colors signifies rebirth, new beginnings, and a new life.

Wondering what are these pastel colors? These are colors with low saturation, and light colors. Most common are light orange, blue, pink, yellow, lavender and green.

Yellow symbolizes happiness, and joy like the might sun will rise up in the sky. Green presents rebirth, renewal and hope just like the leaves of the tress will sprout again. Pink gives us the refreshing look, healthy beginnings!

Until next time, 


Monday, July 02, 2012

Boredom Kills me

Gold BB Cream Plus
          My first BB Cream from Korean products! Absolutely happy! I actually hesitated to buy this at first. It's because I felt that it was too expensive! However, because of my strong ID, my EGO persuaded to buy this. Thanks to Ma'am Jane! Will be using this starting TODAY!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

My Big Date with Gino

I'm salivating while they grilling the patty
after few minutes of waiting...here's my GIGANTIC BURGER!

 "I don't care how much the expenses for as long as I really want to eat!" I told myself. Would you believe because of my extreme starvation that Saturday, we bought a gigantic burger? Yes! The evidence was the photo above! LOL! 'Twas the biggest burger I ever saw and I ate at Gino's! I'm not a burger fanatic nor addict. It's just that my tummy needs extra large meal. And I think that yummy huge burger would satisfy my need. :) 

After few minutes of grilling, the gigantic burger was served! Since the burger was too huge, the big boss cut it into four! It was very tasty especially the patty! I really wondered how they made the patty. Combined with the lettuces, and onions, Oh my! I'm salivating already! I loved Gino's burger! 

Was the giant burger satisfy my gurgling stomach? YES! IT WAS! 

Happy weekends!

PS: Today was the last day of PNLE exams! Hope to see my dear later! mwaaah!

Until next time,