Monday, July 02, 2012

Boredom Kills me

Gold BB Cream Plus
          My first BB Cream from Korean products! Absolutely happy! I actually hesitated to buy this at first. It's because I felt that it was too expensive! However, because of my strong ID, my EGO persuaded to buy this. Thanks to Ma'am Jane! Will be using this starting TODAY!

Acqua Bella : I am Sweet Heart by Penshoppe

Color Options
1GOAL Essentials Youthful Glow
 One of the beauty essentials of 1GOAL products! It's truly amazing! Makes your skin brighter and smoother. What's the secret content? Trans-resveratrol! Proven as anti-aging. Researches shows that it doubles your life span by taking resveratrol everyday! longer making you look younger!
Animal printed binder notebook + reviewers
 Wherever I go, I'm always bringing this binder and my reviewers. Practicing to answer NLE 50 questions per day. Why 50? Of course, I'm also working. I don't want to experience knowledge overload. That's useless!
 cellular phones for business
I got three cellphones! But the two of them, is for my business purposes only.
Safety deposit box for my penny
 My overuse Lacoste wallet! But don't you know, I'm so lucky to have this. I love LACOSTE!
Office stuffs

use for paper works

infront of my desktop

It was a boooring day!
Was that obvious? 
Taking photos while on taking my break. 
Chill time!

Until next time,


Pretty Affairs said...

love the colour of the Bobbi Brown colour options! x following you back :)

Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Thank! Will drop by at your blog soon. :)