Sunday, July 01, 2012

My Big Date with Gino

I'm salivating while they grilling the patty
after few minutes of's my GIGANTIC BURGER!

 "I don't care how much the expenses for as long as I really want to eat!" I told myself. Would you believe because of my extreme starvation that Saturday, we bought a gigantic burger? Yes! The evidence was the photo above! LOL! 'Twas the biggest burger I ever saw and I ate at Gino's! I'm not a burger fanatic nor addict. It's just that my tummy needs extra large meal. And I think that yummy huge burger would satisfy my need. :) 

After few minutes of grilling, the gigantic burger was served! Since the burger was too huge, the big boss cut it into four! It was very tasty especially the patty! I really wondered how they made the patty. Combined with the lettuces, and onions, Oh my! I'm salivating already! I loved Gino's burger! 

Was the giant burger satisfy my gurgling stomach? YES! IT WAS! 

Happy weekends!

PS: Today was the last day of PNLE exams! Hope to see my dear later! mwaaah!

Until next time,

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