Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lights. Camera. Pose.

Beautiful girls got a great shot! Well, I think being a "bonnie" is only a factor which can add on to your total package, but what's the most important ingredient during the photo shoots, is you know how to handle yourself in front of the camera. And that's – P.A.F.E! 

It is not easy to position yourself in front of the camera if you don't know your best angle. Photographers would take time to study your body for them to get your best shots. Sometimes, we looked like a clown or dreadful. So first thing you must do, get a body-size mirror. Look at yourself as you survey the best parts and angles of you. You may feel awkward at first but frankly, you will get to know yourself better.

Concentrate on what you're doing. Sometimes, we were bombarded with negative comments from others, yet don't be hesitate to pose. TRY TO BREATHE and RELAX. You will feel comfortable to yourself naturally and great outcomes follow.

Walking the aisle; busy January Sunday. 
During the photo shoots, remain your BACK STRAIGHT. That's include the principle of “CHIN UP, CHEST OUT, STOMACH IN and BUTT OUT.” Have you already tried this? Well, good for you Does your back aches after? Honestly, it's not that easy at first . It really takes us time and effort. TRY TO WALK ALSO WITH YOUR HEELS, THEN PLACE A LONG RULER/WOOD BETWEEN YOUR ARMS AT YOUR BACK. It would also help you to maintain your posture as you walk.

PLAY IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Usually what I did during the shoots is not looking directly at the lens of the camera. I feel, sometimes, gawky if I do so. Look on the right or left side while tilting your head. Your head and neck can also stay stationary then, let your eyes play all the tricks.

Simple Smile for simple Sunday Day Out. 
SMILE. Good for you if you have great teeth. You could smile without that difficulty. All you have to do is to practice them in front of the mirror. Remember, DON'T GRIND YOUR TEETH ALWAYS. Try to play a little bit like LAUGHING, FROWNING, and SMIRKING. For starters, smile or laugh, then look at the camera. Remember that our SMILES can add impact to your shoot but be sure you could also show what else you can do.

Asymmetrical positions can add more glamour to your posture.
Stylish: Valerie Mati-ong
Photographer: Kuya Aris
Models are encourage to use their body parts asymmetrically. For instance, right leg forward while the other backwards or your right arm is bending while the other is holding something. Asymmetrical positions will draw your body curves.

Remember, you can be a model on your own. Just work on your P.A.F.E (Posture, Attitudes and Facial Expressions).

PS: These modeling tips are based from my real life experiences. Do you have any tips that would you like to share with us, feel free to post comment/s below. 


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