Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Empty Stomach? Worry No More!

        Are you craving for craaaaaabs? Yes! I do! It's been a year since the last time I ate crabs! But I felt like its a decade already :( Poor me. But who would thought that my prayers were answered! A big treat for my empty stomach. Introducing the Glamour Crab Buffet located near Roxas Avenue, Davao City. If you're living near downtown area, it's like a 10-min. travel using "padyak" or jeepney. :)

This is the entrance of Crab Buffet. Looks like a traditional house, isn't it? :) 

Peking Duck
            Never judge a food without tasting it! Swear! If I didn't try to eat this duck cuisine, I will regret it myself for real! Yes! You heard me, it's a duck dish! Peking duck is one of the famous duck cuisine in Beijing and has been prepared since the imperial times.  So lucky that Glamour Crab serves a dish like this. It tastes like a chicken meat. :) 
If you'll drop by here, don't forget to eat these sweets! :) 
             Fruits are the best! After I ate my heavy meals, my tummy bloated too much! I want to eat some more but I decided to eat lots of watermelons and papaya instead. Fruits that are rich in fiber aids digestion, promotes absorption and prevents constipation. 
Crab attack! 

Sir Ahser's Dish (first batch) :D
with my 1GOAL Family: from the left: Me, Sherylyn Ejercito, Josephine Salvador (EVP), Dudz Salvador
and Jeihmi Ejercito (BM)

Introducing Glamour Crabs Buffet located near Roxas Avenue. 
            Definitely, you cannot leave DAVAO without eating at Glamour Crabs Buffet". For only 398.00per head, sulit na sulit! Surely, your empty stomach will became full! :) They also serve leche plan, fresh fruits and mini cakes for desserts , soups and dried mango for appetizer. For main course, of course, crabs, peking duck, veggie toron, shrimps, octopops, etc. So if you'll visit, Davao City, don't forget to drop  by here. Believe me, its so delicioso (Spanish term for delicious) :) 

Advance Happy Valentines.

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