Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mixed 'N Match

While everybody is busy celebrating Valentine's Day, I'm doing mixed and match with my "old" clothes. Random clothes that I didn't use yet. lol! It's not that I'm bitter but I just don't feel to celebrate it. Har2! 
Mixed 'N Match  1 || Conservative-Seductive Look
White and black with sweet sensation of Filipina attitude, conservative-inspired yet seductive. The top is a white loose with embroidery of old rose on the hemlines which some of your skin can be shown. Embroidery is a handicraft of decorating fabric using thread and needle. And it became popular especially in 5th century which commonly use by wealthy and popular people. I decided to pair it with a high-waisted skorts (skirt+shorts) so that the lower part of the loose top can be emphasize especially the designs. Accessories are simply black and white metals. 
Mixed N Match 2 || Free Nymph  Look
While reading the book of Sherry Argov, "Why Men Love Bitches?". This principle attracts me the most, "Act like a prize and you'll turn him into a believer". We all know that some of us has exemption and charismatic beauty that could threaten our ego. On that point, we felt insecure. Or worst, decrease self-esteem. If that thing will happen, don't let your ego threaten by someone's presence. You should boost your confidence. So mixed n match 2 is more on a Free Nymph Look! Wearing your sexuality on your sleeve isn't advantageous in luring a man. It covers your special parts while exposing some of your skin. Great body curves are kept secrecy and makes the man think unconsciously. 
Mixed N Match 3 || Nautical-Inspired Look 
And lastly, the nautical-inspired look! Wearing long sleeves isn't bad at all. You can feel sexiness and feminine on shorts. Your long-legged is the key! Colored accessories breaks the plainness of the outfit. 

Isn't it the theme color for valentines is red, is it? Well, for me, it doesn't mean if you're not wearing red-colored dress on February 14, you're not celebrating it. What's the most important? Both couples are enjoying their moments on this very special day. Lol. :D

So which is which do you like? Spare time on your closet and make out the difference in you.  

Happy Valentines Day!

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