Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas wishlist

Have you read my latest blog? If not, read "Are Santa Claus Real?" Then, read this blog again. 
Well, Can you be my Santa? If yes, can you grant some of my Xmas Wishlist, please? 

Apparels (Tops, Shorts, Skirts and Dress)
              Every girls love dress, right? Want some from Romwe. and more clothes, clothes, and clothes. *_*
              Beaded Bandeau Galaxy DressDouble-breasted Skirt Hem Design Pink Trench-coat

 Been in-love with lace-style mini shorts! Aren't they pretty?
Accessories (Necklace, rings, and etc)

Foot wears (Pumps, Heels, Wedges and Booties)
            I promised myself if I'll work and got my payslip, I'll treat myself of something. Luckily, I got a job early summer of this year. Since then, I kept on buying foot wears randomly. Was that bad? I've been so addicted with heels and wedges. Can't help to resist them so bad. Since then, I got 25 pairs of different foot wears. Four random shoes are use for my daily office outfits . 21 pairs left unused. I know that it's too much, but I want some MORE. 
Trendy Shoes more on Facebook.
Gadgets (Cellphone & Camera)
    I admit! I already had 2 cellphones with me. But I just want a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so bad. :( 
 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Above) & Digital Camera (Below)
     Of coarse, a digital camera! I don't care if it's not a DSLR. I'm not going to pursue professional photography anyway. A simple camera will do. :)

Sewing Machine
    I want to learn more on how to sew clothes. Actually, I'm planning to buy one this month. So that I could start to make my own clothes. I guess, it wasn't a bad idea. Less clothes expenses for my part. Who  knows, what if I could make my own clothing styles and sell those via online? It's already a business!
Romantic Vacation with him.
     I never had a serious relationship before him. When I was in high school, I thought engaging into a serious relationship is worthless since ,for sure, you'll ended breaking up, got hurt and worst, depressed. I have some friends (not to mention their names) at a very early age, they got pregnant. They were left behind by the guy who used to "love" them. That's why, I'm so scared to commit myself in a serious relationship. I'm scared to be hurt emotionally!
     Months before our college graduation, I meet this guy. I thought that his a gay knowing that he sound like one. LOL! His voice was so soft, and feminine-type.I kept on teasing him. Days passed, I just found out myself of "liking" him. And I couldn't just explain this kind of feeling. Am I falling already? I was asked by a friend, "Do you love him? And why?" There was a long silence. And then, I answered him softly, "Yes, but I don't know why." And he said, "Indeed, there is no answer why you love a person." Then he smiled.

     Since he decided to continue schooling, he enrolled medicine. Med-school is a very tough one. It means a lot of sacrifices especially time. If you'll ask me, when was the last time we dated? My answer, "I think it was months ago". As his girlfriend, I want to support him as much as I can do. I admit, Less Dates, Less Time, Less for Everything. But I hope we can celebrate our first anniversary this December. 
     Ahai. I already miss him. :( How sad! I promise  not to communicate him unless everything will turn okay. So, I'll make myself busy then. Pwew!

Anyways, what's your wish for this year's Christmas?
Wishing you an advance Christmas! 


PS: Photos grabbed via Google random. 

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