Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Realization: Thought for the day

Top: Gap || Shorts: Thrifted || bag and booties: Random Boutique
Our lives is like a puzzle. We need clues and hints that could guide us while we're walking ahead. But have you ever ask yourself what kind of map will you choose? Life give us 10% and the rest, its up to us. Every map has directions.Arrows that pointing to left, right or straight. Same to our lives, our choices are our "directions". It's simple Yes or No. Right or Left. Stop or Go. Actually there is no such things as right or wrong in decision makings. Sometimes, social criticism affects our actions. Well, they said every decisions have consequences.

I'm still bombarded with so many errands. Things that undone. And haven't decide what should I do. 
May my little vacation helps me decide. 


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