Monday, February 25, 2013


Welcome me back to the city! (hoooray! Clap! cLap! Clap!)  Yes, indeed! I spent my weekends in my so-called-province. Told myself that I need a break from city and have a "little" vacation. Makapag-destressing nga. :) 

 So this is what I wore last Sunday morning. Pardon me for my haggard face. (lol!) 
I slept very late because of my insomnia.(defensive?)

Actually I like wearing pants, but that time, 
I told myself to wear something new. Boyish yet feminine. :) 

Inner : Gap Jeans || Jacket from boy friend || Heart necklace from Hongkong 
One of the Girls' assets are their legs! So I'm telling you, dollies, take good care of your legs. 
Class A chuckie shoes
Ready to go! :)
This "province" that I'm telling you, is still part of Davao City but the place is really look like a province. More trees, less pollution! More animal noise, less Jeep beeps! Hassle-free, Less Stress! Life, in there, is really reversible. I haven't use my cellphones for almost two days since got difficulty to catch a signal. No high tech gadgets. Just you and your buddy (body). However, my experiences were irreplaceable! 

How's your weekends?
I enjoyed mine. How about yours?


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