Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rush Hours

Wew! I’ve been so busy lately. I think I could already feel the pressure prior the graduation. 
Tomorrow will be our final exams but I’m not yet done with my clearance.
 Shall I study or not? You know, it’s a little bit tiring when you're studying.
Most of the time, I was in front with my notes but making some sketches. 
I really don't want to study. It made my head aches.
Besides I have many thing inside my mind. Requirements and school stuff.
    Meet the place – Kasaginan.
It is located near the Holiday Gym, Bajada, Davao City.
 Sorry if I don't have pictures to share with you guys 
the interior designs of the place.
 Rush Hours!
Me: Working with the Gawad Pedro application letter. Stressed mode!

Me: Blueberry Cheese Pie
It's not good to work without anything in your stomach! 
Ian, Vice president of the Visual Arts Club, treated me Blueberry Cheese Pie.
I like the melted berry on top. The taste was like a champagne but with a twist of sweetness.

After few hours, my head aches. 
It was already drained and  i don't know what should I included in the explanation.
We were working with our application for Gawad Pedro Awards.
The deadline was yesterday but then, we were given an opportunity to submit it tomorrow.
However, there will be deduction of points in promptness.

I think it's better than nothing, isn't it?
 This is for our club -  the Visual Arts Club.
 We are aiming for these following awards:
Most Outstanding Club
Breakthrough Project
Project of the Year

I'm still working with the Breakthrough Project. 
Wew! Rush Hours!
I hope we can make this tonight.
 I'm so stressed!

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