Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Work-aholic Nymph

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Oh no! What is the agenda for today's meeting?! Just kidding! I was not in a meeting. Guess what? That's not a good guess! As usual, participating in Dr. Atoie's Health Forum. Was a company nurse supposed to wear that? Not really. I just want something new to wear and makes me comfy! :)

Black Long blazer: Thrifted || Vintage belt || white, raffled-bottom dress || Leopard Sandals

Back Part 
Look at my face! It's really funny, isn't it? Just want to try an innocent pose. 
Was it? har2! I think my face here was a little bit funny! :)
I really don't know but until now, I fell awkward posing around when somebody is watching me. 
 So many eyes are moving around....

Look! I haven't update my blog since then. I'm so sorry, dears! I got a lot of schedules recently to work on. Really! That's not unfriendly. Anyways, here's  what I wore during the last visit of Dr. Atoie Arboleda in our branch office to conduct a Health Awareness Program. I suppose to wear a white dress here, but I think I won't be comfortable to expose my arms then. So I decided to paired it with black top. Conservative type eh? Exactly! That's what I want to portray! I really love to dress up, sexy but secretive style.

TIP: wear what makes you comfortable. 

Have a nice day!

Love lots!

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