Sunday, March 10, 2013

Niña de las Flores

Cover Up: Brown Knitted from Kweshiedoodles || Floral Dress from She || Accessories from Butingtings
Freshin' Up with your floral skirts, gals! Oh, love! March is here! Almost enjoying summer already. Can't you see it through my dress up? So in love with bright colors and flowers! Like what I said, summer is here!  So expect for a bright sunny and hot weather. If you're reading this, probably I'm on the sea travelling towards the islands of Samal for an overnight birthday celebration of Sherylyn. Will blogged everything as soon as I come back. :) By the way, "Niña de las Flores" is a spanish term for a "flower girl". Yay! Another thought for the day. :) 

Happy weekends, 

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