Thursday, December 08, 2011

Soar High, Mindanaon Fashion Designers!

Last night, December 8, 2011, the Prestige Models and Talents had their first FASHION WAR: a Battle of the Best Designers at Almendras Gym, Boulevard, Davo City. Featuring the Best Dabawenyos Fashion designers, Ronnie Nacua, Joao Tarepe,
(Photo credits from Ashley Kim Alvarez, my BFF!)
Michael Dave Pagalan, Walter Quijada, Frida Cabiles and RTW lines (SOPHIE PARIS and BRAVADO), their creations was worn by sophisticated models ramp on the big stage. Creations were tribute to Alexander McQueen, a known fashion designer worldwide. This fashion show was held for the benefit of children with cancer disease of KIDS OF HOPE FOUNDATION.
(Creations from Sir Ronnie Nacua)
Photo credits from Ashley Alavrez
The couture made by Ronnie Nacua was truly indeed amazing! Every design is marvelous and fabulous.  Fabrics’ texture adds glamour to his creations. The designs are well-imprinted and well-created. Among his creations, this white animal-inspired outfit struck me most. It looks simple yet elegant. The model looks sophisticated with this couture. The head dress looks so floppy with a horn place on the middle of the head. It was paired with a tube and mini skirt played with gorgeous designs. When the model removes her “mini-skirt”, everybody stunned that it can be turned into a lovely bag. The bag is elegant too. That skirt has double purpose! Well, I like the idea of making that “mini-skirt” into a “bag”. I’m thinking, what if I made one too? 

Creations from Sir Ronnie Nacua
Photo credits from Ashley Alavrez
I like this one too! (The picture on the right side)The skirt was made of ribbon-like piled together and turned it into colorful designed skirt. It was paired with a native-like belt. It has also a bolero which can cover the shoulders and neck of the model. However, it can also make additional impact to the skirt if you will tie the bolero near your waist.  

The designer made this coutures marvelous. It wasn't just an outfit with a fantastic design but it gives us an idea that it can use in different way. Just like the designer did! He made that skirt into a bag. Actually, in our new generation, a lot of girls made fun with their own clothes too. Some girls made thier high skirts into a tube-dress and paired it with high-waist belt. You can also add some accesories if you want.

Aside from trendy and fascinating attires, the gowns were also stunned that night.  The designs looks complicated and well-detailed.  I was really amazed with those gowns! How I used I could wear them too!

(The Final Glance of the Evening Gowns)
Actually, we can make fun with our outfits! Who say you can't? Open your closet and look what stuff you have. Then think, what do you want to wear for this day. If you made your decision, scan your clothes, paired them up and look yourself at the mirror. For final touches, add some accessories. It must be simple so that it can't be destructive.

(Richard Te, Model from RCEMT)

One of the models was my co-model from Red Carpet Elite Models and Talents (RCEMT), Richard Te. He was asked by a fashion designer to ramp his couture on the aisle. I'm so proud of him. It's been a while since I didn't see my RCEMT family.Oh! I missed them so badly.  

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