Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Awkward Moments!

"Wala kang mapapala if magpa-ulaw ulaw pa ka" 
(nothing will happened if you'll get shy.) kuya Charles commented, 
an alumna of San Pedro College and a good friend of mine. 

Last night, Ashley and I were at the StarBucks, Abreeza. I was sitting on the high chair, chatting with kuya (elder) Charles, while waiting for his girlfriend. Ashley was waiting for her turn to get her coffee. My outfit was a long denim skirts, umbrella cut, paired with a sleeveless gray with diamond designs. I was reading a magazine that time when I saw a couple walking towards starbucks. Actually, the girl's outfit catches my attention. She was wearing a long violet straight cut, long skirt, paired with a gray (blouse inside) and a long sleeve. I told myself, "I thought ako lang ang nag-long skirt" and smiled. When she entered, a lady on black approached her and took picture with her. I looked at them when Ashley suddenly approached me from my back and said: "Ann, Is that Cheyser?"

(^_^) I can't picture myself so blankly. Wew! Actually, it was sooo funny! I'm so innocent as if I don't know nothing at all in this world. It was, then, Cheyser! Actually, I don't know her but Ashley told me that she was a blogger too. Just like Camille Co and Chris Uy. Both of them were at the WAGS (what a girl wants), Abreeza.  Damn! I don't know why but I wasted that opportunity to take pictures with them. Sweet chances but i throw it easily in the garbage can as if nothing happened. Poor Me! I was too shy back then. 

How am I supposed to fight this kind of feeling? A feeling of shyness? A feeling of low self-esteem. What kuya Charles said was true. Nothing will happened if I just sit down in the corner and keep quite. I can't do anything if I won't get rid this shyness inside me. 

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