Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Floral Brown

Tops: Floral || Black Mini-skirt (textured)


Ring from Butingtings || Necklace from Gaisano Mall

Bracelets from DCLA
So here's another look for this week! Floral, long sleeves paired with (black) mini-skirts. Again, just basics! Recently, I don't like to wear mini-skirts because I have a lot of scars on my legs. Yes! You heard me! I got these scars because of my recklessness. LOL! However, they are under healing process! Thanks to 1GOAL Beauty Essential YOUTHFUL GLOW CREAM and  SUPER BEAUTY WHITENING SOAP! Truly! 1GOAL PRODUCTS are God-Given!

Tomorrow will be a great day! We will be having a HEALTH FORUM with DR. ATOIE ARBOLEDA, oncologist specialist and one of the host of Salamat Doc ABS-CBN, 1:00pm at EL BAJADA HOTEL! So many things to do. Gladly, I could manage very well.

On the other hand, I heard that Soul Lifestyle (Gaisano Mall) will be having an event tomorrow from 10:00 am to 8:00pm. Unfortunately, I couldn't come because of my work. Pwew! However, I really wish all the best for the successful of that event! I think some of the Davao Bloggers will be there! If by chance, meet and greet Cheyser, Kwesh, Gelianne, Pat & Wilson, Ashley, and many more!

Until next time,


Danny Suyandi said...

the floral top and the accessories are fabulous :D you look great!


Ann Ortega Mati-ong said...

Hi Danny! thanks for the lovely comment. :)